About Me

I am married to a middle school science teacher and I am also mommy to identical twin daughters, who are very active 7-year-olds that keep me dancing. I am a writer and artist who has a business called Red Boa Productions.  I am currently working on a book, as well as creating an inspirational deck of cards with my art and writing. I also work for a non-profit foster-adoption agency in Northern California. At Heart I am a soulful and sensitive intuitive, a courageous creator, a resilient visionary, a self-esteem fluffer, a marvelous music mixer and one who offers up bridges of connections to my fellow travelers. I believe that We Are All Meant to Shine! You can read more of my writing in my column for the Cosmic Cowgirl Magazine.

Me and my husband on our honeymoon on the Big Island.

My twin daughters and I smiling for the camera.

Our family in Dia de los Muertos costumes.

Tandem skydiving in 1992.  I was all smiles!